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Infant Development

How can you play with your baby today?

Pregnant Belly

0-3 Months

Track your baby's development and learn activities to do with them. They might not be exciting to you, but your baby will love them!

Pregnant Belly

3-4 Months

After baby masters all skills in the 0-3 month category, move on to this set. Don't worry if their timing is not perfect. Babies learn at different rates.

Baby Stretches
Pregnant Belly
Crib Mobile

4-6 Months

Once baby masters all previous skills, move on to this set. Remember, babies learn what they're exposed to. Keep practicing if they don't know everything quite yet.

Pregnant Belly

6-9 Months

Baby is learning and growing so much! Keep practicing new skills until they can do them all the time. Once all other skills are mastered, try these!

Baby with Toys
Pregnant Belly
Baby Crawling

9-12 Months

Baby is likely on the move! Learn how to keep them safely exploring and learning with these skills to master.

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