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Birth Secrets Summit:

21 experts share secrets to ENJOYING
birth and parenthood.
Psst...your doctor won't tell you!

Becoming a parent is such an exciting time...
It can also be really scary, confusing, frustrating, and lonely.

Hi! I'm Ashley. I'm a certified doula, postpartum doula, breastfeeding counselor, and childbirth educator. I'm the founder and creator of Supported Season and co-host of Doula Dang Thing podcast.


I remember when I was pregnant for the first time, and I didn’t know where to turn for accurate and reasonable information.


I felt like everyone had something to say and I didn’t always feel like I fit in with the different “birth cliques” out there. I had so many questions about birth, of course, but...


What about my new life as a mom?


What's MY parenting style?


What's going to happen to my body?


Will my relationship make it?


Will I be able to handle all of this?


The questions were never-ending!

It's a really big change in every aspect of your life.


I just want you to know, YOU’RE NOT ALONE! I’ve made it my life’s work to be there for you during this huge life-changing transition. 


To help me in my mission, I’ve scoured the world to find the best experts to help make this transition easier. So now you can sit back, with your feet up, and have all of this incredible information brought directly to you!

Almost 70% of new moms feel anxiety about their new role.


When we're prepared and supported, anxiety doesn't have a leg to stand on. Let's kick anxiety in the butt and get it out of your life, together! 


Who's this summit for?


Pregnant people

People thinking about starting a family

New parents feeling overwhelmed

Foster/adoptive parents

Parents who have children, but feel like they need help

The best part?

It’s absolutely FREE!


You might be thinking this is too good to be true. Why would I put so much effort into finding and interviewing all of these experts only to turn around and give it all for free?


The answer is simple. It’s not just about money for me. I hear all the time that finances keep pregnant people from seeking quality, expert advice and support and it breaks my heart.


I truly believe EVERYONE deserves to be educated and prepared for becoming a parent. Period. Dot. 




This information is not available for free forever. It’s been a full time job to source all of this incredible information and I can’t financially continue to offer it for free. 


If you sign up now, for 2 weeks beginning January 30th, you’ll have access to enter the virtual summit arena. You'll hear from experts that specialize in things you're probably not even thinking about but probably should be.


Free! All that’s needed to gain access is your name and email. I won’t even take a credit card from you.


Here’s who you’ll be hearing from:


Supported Seaon

Can’t wait for January 30th? I got you!


Members of my birth education database, Supported Season, get to access all of this information immediately with unlimited replays of the expert interviews! Watch them over and over.


Forgot something? Watch it again! 



You’ll also have access to Supported Season’s other features like:


Birth courses for all types of births ($400+ value)


Feeding course ($100 value)


Postpartum Course ($100+ value)


Sleep ($400 value)


Infant development tracking ($200 value)


Sex/Intimacy after birth ($400 value)


Fitness ($50 value)


Nutrition ($200 value)


Infant care basics ($100 value)


Moderated support groups (priceless!)


Live Q&As ($500 value)


Affirmations ($20 value)


Total: $2470!!! 


Everything you need to feel confident and prepared, not only for birth, but for actually becoming a parent!


The best part is it’s only 


$2470 $19/month to join!


Yep. That’s it. I told you it’s not just about money. 



I truly care about giving people the knowledge and confidence to have an empowering experience. 


It doesn’t have to be scary.


It doesn’t have to feel like you’re out of control.


It doesn’t have to feel like you don’t know what the hell you’re doing.


There’s a better way! 


If you could feel a lot better for the cost of a few cups of fancy coffee, wouldn’t you do it?


Does it make sense to suffer the stress of doing it alone when you don’t have to?


Let me help you become the parent you want to be. The parent that feels strong and secure in their decisions because they know what’s up. They know how to handle the ups and downs of parenting because they are knowledgable and have an expert on their side when they’re not.


Supported Season is here for you. Together, we won’t just survive parenthood,

we’ll thrive!

Summit Sinup

Get your ticket

Great! Now, mark January 30th on your calendar and check your email for instructions. Don't forget to check junk mail!

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