what is a doula?

A Doula, by definition, is a woman who serves. A Doula is there to support families during and after the birthing process. A Doula provides care and compassion when families need it most. Doulas provide a smoother transition when introducing a new member to the family. Contact me to talk about the specific needs of your family!

Does Insurance cover a doula?

It depends. Some insurance companies cover all or a portion of the fees for a doula. Call your insurance company and ask about their doula coverage. If doulas are covered, you'll pay me directly and I'll provide you with a special receipt to give to your insurance company for reimbursement. 

why would i need a doula after birth?

The time after birth, the postpartum period, is full of emotions. Newborns require a lot of care, which can leave families drained and exhausted. If you gave birth to the baby, your body is also trying to feed and heal all at the same time. Having a professional support there to give you the opportunity to rest and bond with your baby is an incredible blessing. Having support after birth, or bringing home a new baby in any way, has been proven to reduce the chances of postpartum depression, improve bonding in the family, maintain better relationships within the family, and provide a more enjoyable experience overall. Contact me today to schedule your Postpartum Doula care.

what is the difference between a doula and a midwife?

A Birth Doula differs from a Midwife in many ways. Most importantly, a Midwife is a medical professional who can diagnose, administer and prescribe medication, and deliver babies. A Birth Doula is a coach during labor and delivery that provides tips, tricks, education, and support. Having a Birth Doula has been proven to reduce the amount of medical interventions required, reduce the length of labor/delivery, and improve the overall experience of birth. Contact me today to schedule your birth.

can i have a doula if my pregnancy is high risk?

Yes! A Doula is a great idea if your pregnancy is high-risk. There is usually more stress associated with a high-risk pregnancy and hiring a Doula can create a more calming environment during labor and delivery. A Postpartum Doula can also provide a great support after a stressful pregnancy or delivery to allow you time to heal physically and emotionally. Contact me to schedule your birth or postpartum season.

what if i am planning to have a nontraditional birth?

No matter how or where you decide to give birth, a Doula is a great choice. Support during labor and delivery has been proven to improve the experience. If your plan is to have a drug-free birth, support during labor and delivery is paramount! Contact me today to schedule your nontraditional birth.

*I'm unable to attend unassisted births. My insurance does not cover them.