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What is Supported Season?

Supported Season is a birth & parenthood preparedness program unlike any other. Many methods of childbirth focus primarily on the birth itself. That only lasts a day or so! What about the rest of your life? Supported Season not only teaches intuitive birthing (the least painful, most beneficial way to give birth), it also completely prepares you for creating a family dynamic that works for you. Easy steps, easy tips, all laid out for you in an easy way. A complete and fully customizable program membership that allows you to be in charge of your experience and find the support you need when you're not. You will head into labor and parenting with confidence! Guaranteed.

How Does it work?

Supported season is a monthly membership plan that grants you access to everything you need to understand and feel good about the next steps in your parenting journey. If it's not here, we'll add it. With birth courses, development trackers, sleep schedules, meal plan, live Q&As and much more, you'll be able to avoid the Google abyss of information. All information in Supported Season is scientific evidence and experience based. We make it easier on you because this stuff is hard enough already.

What will I learn?

How to give birth, how to care for your baby, how to feel like you again, all while connecting with others going through the same thing. Get your questions answered by an expert and find peer support when you need it.

What's included?

Checkout the membership offerings at the button below.

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