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Updated: Mar 15

Ok. That title was kind of a trick because most of the time, the “Must-Have” item is “Must-Have” because the company selling it said so, or hired someone to say it. Yes, sometimes a product can make life with a baby easier, but there are very few products required for your baby. Instead, what you end up with is a bunch of stuff you need to donate after a couple months, or a bunch of time spent trying to sell all the stuff crowding your house.

If this is your first baby, I understand the excitement of filling a nursery with baby things. It’s so much fun to go nuts when you’re pregnant and thinking about what it will be like when your baby finally arrives. I’m not trying to take that away from you, but I am trying to save you from baby gear taking over your home. It feels good to have adult space even though you’re a parent. You’re also still a human being who needs time and space to unwind and recharge.

Keeping a space in your home that still looks like adults live there will help you feel like you when everything else feels different. It allows you space to reconnect with your partner and remember who you are. Not that you could ever forget about your baby, but not seeing their things everywhere all the time let’s you put yourself in the front of your mind when your baby is safe and asleep. Time for you, even though it may be short-lived, is a powerful tool in the fight against depression and anxiety.

In Bump Up Birth (the virtual baby course for your bump and beyond), I included shopping lists for the essentials you’ll need for your baby in the Planner Pack. Here’s a list of the gist:

  1. Onesies

  2. Swaddlers or sleep sacks

  3. Zip or snap footsie jammies

  4. Blankets (not for sleeping with)

  5. Burp cloths

  6. Diapers

  7. Wipes

  8. Nail clippers

  9. Thermometer

  10. Bulb syringe

  11. Gentle lotion

  12. Crib or safe sleeping space

  13. Bottles (if not exclusively breastfeeding)

  14. Pacifier

  15. diaper cream

  16. carseat

  17. baby carrier/stroller

That’s it!

Everything else is just for fun. Everything else can be accomplished with other products around your home doing double duty if you don’t want to spend the money or have baby clutter all over the house.

Again, not trying to take away the fun of baby shopping from you, just want you to remember to leave some space for you, too. Most baby products are very short-lived. Opt for products that can grow with your baby and have multiple uses. That way you’ll spend less, and it’s better for the environment, too. Joining in on baby swaps with friends is also a great way to get what you want without going overboard. You can make it into a get-together to enjoy some adult time while shopping their lightly used baby products that they no longer need or use.

Products are unlikely to be a fix for what ails you and your baby. It’s easy to feel like you need something when things aren’t going the way you expected, but being a parent is really hard. It’s exhausting and unpredictable and you have to deal with your baby’s unique personality from the get go. Learning your baby, getting into their head, and understanding WHY they need something will go a long way when dealing with things that aren’t working for you and your baby.

I know! Easier said than done! But you got this!! You know your baby better than ANYONE else, so it’ll only get easier from here!

Getting educated about how to give birth and how to become a parent is even more important!

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