Pregnant Belly

birth doula


Giving birth is an incredible experience, but can also be intimidating. A Birth Doula spends the entire time with you and your partner, offering support, helping you advocate for your choices, and creating a more peaceful environment. Having a birth doula has been clinically proven to reduce labor times, reduce pain, decrease the amount of medical interventions needed, and create a more enjoyable birthing experience.


2 prenatal meetings

Support during labor and delivery

1 postpartum meeting

Unlimited text support



$350 w/valid Medicaid card

*Call your insurance provider. They may help cover doula services.

(Payment plans available)

Family in the Kitchen

postpartum doula


Once baby comes home, the many changes to the family dynamic that occur can be overwhelming. A postpartum Doula provides support and evidence-based education. Instead of only caring for a baby as a nanny would, a postpartum doula cares for the family as a whole. Services could include, caring for baby, caring for older children, light house-keeping, cooking, meal prep, running errands, a shoulder to cry on, etc. I fill in the gaps of what needs to get done, so you can spend your time bonding and resting with your new bundle of joy! Think of it like a family member that comes to help who knows the facts, does what you need, and doesn't judge.



Minimum 3 hours

(Includes Breastfeeding Counseling)

Baby Breastfeeding


counselor Support

Sometimes, breastfeeding is a slam dunk, and everything falls right into place, but more often than not, a mother and baby need a little help figuring it all out. A Breastfeeding Counselor doesn't diagnose feeding problems, but rather educates mothers on how to make things easier or more efficient. A Breastfeeding Counselor can ease worries, or refer out if more help is needed.