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Pregnant Belly
Pregnant Belly

Birth Courses

Everything you need to know about becoming a parent.

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Pregnant Belly


Feeding yourself while becoming a parent can feel impossible. You're not alone.

Let's make it a little easier together!

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Cooking Together
Pregnant Belly


Find the group you're looking for. Ask questions, make a friend.

Pregnant Belly


Find a fitness fanatic that suits you best!

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Yoga Teacher with Student
Pregnant Belly
Happy Baby

Development Tracking

Not sure if your baby is developing like they should or confused about how to play with them? Look here!

0-3   3-4   4-6   6-9   9-12

Pregnant Belly


Learn how to get the sleep you and baby need to thrive. Learn what a typical sleep schedule looks like and why it's important. 

Mother and Baby
Pregnant Belly
Mother Baby Bonding

Feeding Tips

Feeding isn't always easy. Learn the basics of how to do it and some common issues that come up.

Pregnant Belly

Live Q&A

On the first Monday of every month, join me at noon MST to ask your most pressing questions live.

Online Meeting
Pregnant Belly
Coffee in Bed

Intimacy After Birth

Learn easy ways to make your relationship even better after baby with my ABCs of Intimacy.

Pregnant Belly

Sex After Birth

Wondering how sex after birth is gonna work? Learn how to navigate sex after birth with my ABCs of sex.

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